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WLAN/WiFi (802.11x)

What Is The Real Cost of WiFi?

Wireless communication has come a long way in a very short time. And the next major hurdle is the convergence of voice and data. That creates a new set of challenges for wireless carriers and other ancillary companies, and inCode is there to help you answer the tough questions, like:

  • What is the marketing cost to introduce WLAN/WiFi?
  • How can you contain the operational costs while building a customer base?
  • Are there enough people willing to subscribe to the service?
  • Can WiFi be used as a marketing tool to attract additional subscribers?
  • Can WiFi be used as a defensive mechanism?
  • Will integration with existing legacy billing and customer care systems be costly and time consuming?
  • Do you have to "own" the network or can you just be a "virtual" network owner?
  • Will uncertain quality of service and user experience from roaming/aggregation partners have a negative impact on the brand?
  • Could WiFi cause organizational distraction?
  • Are the resources required to launch WiFi going to be a distraction to the core business (3G/2.5G)?

How inCode's "Tools" Impact Your Challenges

At inCode, we demonstrate how WiFi can be viable by providing insight into:

  • Market research on the WLAN market, both other players and the market opportunity across various market verticals
  • Focusing on the different market segments (enterprise, mobile professionals, mass market)
  • Identifying a desire to own network vs. resell or aggregate
  • Creating a defensive strategy that protects early adopters of high-speed mobile data
  • Ensures a strategy that compliments your 3G strategy
  • Structuring an implementation plan to develop and further the delivery capabilities of the client.
  • Assist on sales and sales engineering calls to train the sales and engineering teams on what is required to both sell and define requirements for WLAN installations.
  • Work with the deployment teams on furthering technical skills in the realms of wireless network design, RF surveys, configuration of wireless network components, and security issues.

We work with our clients to carefully focus on their next move - a move that will achieve the desired results while propelling the business to new levels.

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