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inCode's 3rd Generation Wireless Technology Lab

Our Proprietary Laboratory Where We Integrate, Test And Showcase Leading Wireless Technologies In An Open - Real - Environment.

At inCode, we walk our talk. That's why we established our own on-site Next Generation Wireless Technology Lab. As the smallest network in the world, we replicate a carrier's 3G environment (GSM or CDMA), allowing us to provide independent and objective testing, interoperability, and integration of Next Generation wireless technology infrastructure and applications. It also keeps inCode one step ahead of the other consulting firms in the wireless field.

We put theory to practice in an end-to-end, real world environment. That allows inCode to focus on emerging data networks while fostering a collaborative environment for network service and wireless technology companies to realize and increase the value of wireless networks.

Our laboratory allows carriers to test new hardware. Vendors can validate the efficacy of their products. It also provides insight into the latest application offerings. And allows the testing of the interoperability of a system.

The lab features an open architecture, making it easy to experiment with new technologies such as LBS, E911, VoIP, WiFi, 1xRTT, GPRS, billing, provisioning, etc. Plus, it allows our experts to not just test, but validate end-to-end solutions before we make recommendations to our clients.

So if something new is happening in the wireless industry, you'll see it here first.

It's this commitment - both financially and in manpower - that keeps inCode ahead of the leading edge.

Our Lab Gives inCode the "Xenon Headlights" That Allows Us To Illuminate The Road To The Future.

Imagine you're driving at night. You can only see so far down the road. That limits your vision and the speed you can travel. Now, get in a car with state-of-the-art Xenon headlights: The road ahead seems much clearer. You can see further down the road with greater precision. Well, that's what our proprietary Wireless Technology Lab can do for you - increase your vision and provide focus as inCode looks down the road two to three years to see what future technology holds.

Here are some of the additional dividends of our Laboratory:

Value to Service Providers:

  • Provides the ability to view and test next generation wireless technologies in a neutral environment
  • Helps solve complex network integration and interoperability issues before capital commitment or deployment
  • Creates opportunities to identify customer requirements to help accelerate product development from key suppliers

Value to Wireless Technology Companies:

  • Demonstrates product offerings to service providers
  • Tests and validates product capability and interoperability
  • Fosters a collaborative environment for working with other leading wireless companies and service providers
  • Identifies key customer requirements regarding network performance, interoperability, and integration for future product development

Advisory Council

We have also established an Advisory Council that is made up of:

  • Executives from premier wireless service providers responsible for network technology, design, and implementation
  • Wireless industry luminaries

The Advisory Council:

  • Provides strategic vision for the technology lab and its functionality
  • Identifies emerging technologies and issues to be addressed by the lab
  • Prioritizes lab projects

Experimentation leads to Satisfaction:

"It's a priceless experience. We were able to 'see' how the application would work on our system before making the financial commitment."

"We wanted to explore the possibilities of LBS and didn't know where to start. By utilizing the inCode Lab, we saw how that technology would benefit our subscribers and help grow our business."

"By having access to the Lab, we can answer the question, 'what if?' quickly and efficiently. The Lab allows us to explore various possibilities without disrupting our operation, our hardware and our service."

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