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Our Wireless Service Offerings Create Measurable Value For You.

Our Commitment to Leadership Makes inCode Vital to Your Company.

The wireless industry has immense potential. But how do you harness that potential while remaining profitable? How do you adopt a new technology while dealing with the day-to-day challenges? And, most importantly, how do you create measurable value?

At inCode, our innovative approach provides creative and flexible solutions to your unique problems based on our extensive knowledge and understanding of diverse technologies. Our projects are self-funding by reducing network costs and providing renewed operational efficiencies. In addition, we provide tangible, impactful and measurable results that validate the range and progress of your project's profitability.

At inCode, Our Wireless Service Offerings Address the Challenges You Face.

It starts with our philosophy: inCode is committed to staying 5 minutes ahead so our work is always timely and relevant. We maintain thought leadership and invest in intellectual capital - our people are among the brightest and best in the industry, and we have teams focused on each wireless service offering. That's how we create value and become vital to our clients.

What challenges are you facing?

Operational Performance Assessment (OPA) - Benchmarking? Diagnosis? Processes? Organizational roles & responsibilities? CAPEX? OPEX? Hyper-competitive market? Extract more cost? Outsourcing evaluation? Transformation?

inReach - NEW - In-Building Wireless (IBW) systems - Strategy? Locations? ROI? Capacity? Neutral or dedicated system? Technology and vendor selection? Operations impact? Outsource implementation?

Enterprise b2meSM (business to mobile employee) - Healthcare? Manufacturing? Public Safety? Telemetry? WiFi? LAN? PAN? Field service automation? Integration? 3G applications? Content? VoIP?

"Life After 50" - Market Share - What is your market penetration? Are you facing slowing growth? Price wars? Long distance business model? Credit card business model? Competition? Coopetition? Intelligent branding?

E 911 - Handset, network or hybrid based solution? EOTD, AGPS, TDOA? Accuracy testing and calibration? PSAP integration? Field trials? FCC compliance? SMLC/GMLC? Data collection tools? Program management?

Wireless Number Portability (WNP) - SS7? Transaction capability application part (TCAP)? Location routing number (LRN)? Rating vs. routing? Number resource utilization? Pooling?

Messaging - How do I maximize the potential of SMS? How about EMS and MMS - should I invest in providing these capabilities? What is the best way to achieve intercarrier interoperability? How do I scale my infrastructure to support growing usage? How do I manage impacts in the other parts of the business?

Prepaid/ASL - Can pre-paid be profitable? Pre-paid card shrinkage? Segmentation? Product requirements? Distribution? VRUs? Handset form factor? User interface specifications?

G-Path Migration - Which path is the most economic? What role do handsets play in the overall economics? Which vendor do you select? How do you design, optimize and overlay on top of your existing network? How does the migration affect other areas of your business?

WLAN/WiFi (802.11) - Hot spots? Enterprise? Should carriers get in? Project Rainbow? Does it compete or complement 3G? 3G integration? Economics? Roaming? Clearing house? Deployment? Wireless cloud? 802.11a, 802.11b?

MVNO - Co-branding? Channel strategy? Min management? Billing? Provisioning? Full MVNO? Partial MVNO? Re-seller agreement?

Telematics - Are you involved? What aspect: Vehicle telemetry? Vehicle tracking? Safety vs. entertainment? Which is the best wireless carrier to partner with? Voice portals? Key economic drivers? Value chain/Key players? VTU block diagram? E911?

To learn more about these wireless service offerings, click here:

WNP - Wireless Number Portability
inReach (sm)
Enterprise b2meSM -
Operational Performance Assessment (OPA)
G-Path Migration
WLAN/WiFi (802.11)