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RFID Assessment and Adoption Roadmap

RFID Can Solve Business Problems – Understanding how RFID can benefit your business can be confusing for many business people to consider. But in truth, it is a simple, proven technology that can transform problem areas within your operations, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, all while providing important information at your fingertips to help you make the best business decisions for your company.

RFID Impact on Supply Chain – The current buzz in the press is about how RFID and its scan-free operations can transform the supply chain, as we know it today. This may be true, but each company must develop their own RFID strategy and business cases to determine the real benefits for your organization. To obtain a major impact on your business with RFID, detailed analysis, planning, and testing must occur, and this will not happen overnight. If faced with compliance measures, you may have to decide whether to proceed quickly to meet your customers’ mandates, or preferably, look for the longer-term benefits internally, and properly plan your RFID implementation.

InCode’s Expertise – inCode has a team of experts – industry veterans and technology pioneers, who are experienced in a variety of real RFID project implementations, such as transportation container security, retail case and pallet tracking, and asset management. We look forward to minimizing the financial and technical risks for you when implementing RFID solutions throughout your organization.

Provide Direction for your Company

Whether you are faced with mandates from one of your customers, or feel pressure from others in your industry to begin using RFID technology, inCode can provide the expertise and industry knowledge to educate your employees on how and where to use RFID in your industry. InCode offers educational seminars ranging from 3 hours to 5 days, providing in-depth technical information and critical brainstorming sessions with business owners to determine the best fit RFID solution for your company and your customers.

Educational Seminar – This offering is intended to educate the business people in your organization to understand when and how RFID technology is used to improve efficiencies and reduce costs in business processes. A more detailed technical overview of components and vendors can be provided to IT personnel. To generate new ideas how RFID can be used in your organization, a facilitated brainstorming workshop is held with the business users, where ideas are evaluated for their benefits to the organization.

Getting Started the Right Way

As with most new technologies, many companies do not have the internal expertise and knowledge in RFID to start running out of the gate, and time may be a critical factor. Forging ahead could turn out to be dangerous and costly without having developed detailed plans and a roadmap that logically spells out your path to RFID implementation. It will take some time to identify and train individuals to take on this responsibility internally. InCode can provide strategy and guidance, while defining an adoption roadmap for your company to follow when implementing RFID.

RFID Adoption Roadmap – The Adoption Roadmap is intended to explore an organization and its business processes, and identify where RFID solutions can add real value. The selection of the solution is not limited to existing processes, but the creation of new processes as well. High-level business cases are created and potential solutions are vetted and agreed by key stakeholders within the organization.

We will help you answer questions related to RFID and its benefits, costs and risks for your organization:

  • How does RFID support your business strategy and customer initiatives?
  • What are the supporting economics for an RFID implementation?
  • How does the solution leverage existing infrastructure?
  • How future proof is the solution / technology?
  • What is the impact to the organization – financial, organizational, operational, technological?
  • What vendors provide best-fit products for the solution?
  • What are the security requirements for the solution?

Our passionate professionals help you see the opportunities that exist, assess their value and support you in the implementation of your RFID solution.