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G-Path Migration

The Cost of Evolution

You don't just "jump into" new technology. It takes careful planning, focusing on all of the details, and how it impacts service today and in the future. At inCode, our team of experts help you answer the tough questions regarding G-Path migration:

  • Which path should you follow? What are the typical bottlenecks and how can they be eliminated?
  • How can the network be "future-proofed" to allow for the next generation of services and features?
  • How can the Carrier operate internally to create an efficient, single-minded organization?
  • How can the network be leveraged to create high quality, leading edge services and features for the Carrier's customers?
  • How much will it cost?

How inCode's "Tools" Impact Your Challenges

Here's how inCode creates measurable value and high-impact profitability for your next move:

  • We utilize internally-developed capacity/coverage models (which take into account the latest trial results from 2.5G and 3G networks) to obtain precise site count and equipment dimensioning.
  • We perform thorough network design and conduct spot-checks to ensure quality consistency. Using "tuned" proprietary propagation modeling, simulations are compared to drive-test data and other simulation results.
  • We identify all critical Planning & Design steps in the network implementation process and identify a key responsible individual for each step. These individuals have the mandate to:
    • Clearly identify the objectives
    • Supervise all design activities
    • Attend all design review meetings
    • Order spot-checks and analyze results
    • Implement the "Objectives Verification Methodology"

At inCode, We Help You Make the Right Moves at the Right Time.

Click here to see how we addressed G-Path migration for one of our clients.