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At inCode, we make new technology more accessible. We're passionate about the potential of wireless and believe carriers can deliver a higher level of service to their customers, while realizing the revenue-generating potential that is often "buried" in a feature. Here are the questions we help you answer regarding E911:

  • What solutions are available to implement E911?
  • Based on present technology, migration path, and vision for location-based services, what is the optimal solution?
  • How are vendors ranked based on selection criteria, such as accuracy, capacity, and cost?
  • What are the processes and methodologies to ensure that the E911 solution is properly tested in a lab environment?
  • What are the key challenges in establishing an end-to-end E911 field trial?
  • What is the optimal market deployment plan based on scalability, timeliness, and cost?
  • How is compliance tested and then reported to the FCC?

How inCode's "Tools" Impact Your Challenges

No single solution works for each carrier or supplier. That's why inCode custom tailors our solutions based on the answers to your challenges. Here are some of the ways inCode makes E911 viable:

  • We start by analyzing the requirements for field trials and develop clear objectives
  • Site selection and trial design is done after considering the objectives and analyzing the available sites that meet the criteria outlined
  • We develop a deployment plan based on resource availability and optimal cost - our deployment programs pay for our services in terms of cost saving
  • Analyze time line
  • Conduct resource evaluation
  • Manage PSAP requests
  • Develop cost recovery processes
  • Check Vendor availability
  • Analyze needed level of detail for parameters to be evaluated
  • Short list critical measurement details

Our passionate professionals open your eyes to the opportunities that exist, while providing more of the features that your customers want to buy.

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