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inCode�s Wireless Number Portability (WNP)
NEW - Wireless Service Offering!

Helping carriers to emerge as winners

The timeframe in which the WNP strategies and initiatives must be completed is quickly approaching. Carriers must implement these programs in time for the November 24, 2003 deadline. InCode�s WNP service offering will bring value to a wireless carrier�s WNP team by helping it prepare for and navigate through WNP. Although challenging, the changes to the business processes and network operations associated with WNP have the potential to create new and positive opportunities. InCode�s WNP service offering can help a wireless carrier to do more than just survive Wireless Number Portability, but to emerge with an improved market position in the increasingly competitive wireless landscape.

While the majority of the wireless carriers are well on their way in addressing the technical impacts, carriers have significant work to do with regard to the business initiatives associated with WNP. Many of these initiatives will need to continue well past the November deadline.

Highlights of inCode�s WNP Service offering are:

  • Program management to insure deadlines are met ICP testing, OSS/BSS system testing, new business rules and processes, training and launch of WNP processes.
  • Definition of WNP�s role in customer acquisition and retention.
  • Design of new business rules and processes to match WNP business flows.
  • Process changes to sales, customer support, and customer retention.
  • Implementation of new process, procedures and train the staff.

inCode has developed a WNP Readiness Audit that can assist you in assessing the operational and network readiness of your WNP initiative and identify areas that require more focus.

WNP Challenges for Carriers

System Development:

  • Network - Separate MDN and MIN in network and back office systems. Establish LRN to support pooling/porting, messaging and voice mail
  • OSS/BSS - Service Order Entry, billing
  • WNP System - SOA, LSMS, NPDB and ICP


  • Internal testing - Integration of WNP infrastructure with the network, LRN and MDN/MIN separation testing, Internal interfaces with WNP infrastructure testing.
  • NPAC Turn-Up and Testing - LSMS/SOA to NPAC interfaces, issues resolution.
  • Inter Carrier Testing - ICP, LRN, and business arrangements.

Business Processes Development:

  • Business Rules - Design of processes to match WNP business flows, changes to sales, customer support, and customer retention processes.
  • Retention Programs - Creation of WNP inspired retention programs, adjustment of churn management programs for WNP.
  • Upgrade of operational systems


  • Deployment - Deploy production systems, system integration.
  • Training
  • Launch

inCode will bring value to your WNP team and help you not just survive Wireless Number Portability but emerge with an improved market position during the evolving competitive landscape.