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InCode's Vital Wireless Knowledge Extends Your Impact, Influence And Potential.

It Starts With A Spark.

Wireless technology doesn't evolve - it explodes: 3G, CDMA, UMTS, GSM, E911, telematics, RFID, 802.11 WiFi, Prepaid/ASL, EV-DV, DO, Messaging . Keeping pace just isn't enough. You have to innovate. Stay one step ahead. And that requires inCode, the world's wireless technology consultant.

inCode understands the challenges of the wireless industry:

  • Moving to more of an Internet protocol-based model
  • Rapid adoption of handheld devices and remote applications that are driving a new generation of mobile applications
  • Third generation (3G) systems that will be key enablers of high-speed data, Internet and multimedia services

InCode's vital knowledge and thought leadership gives you the edge. Our Wireless Technology Lab, exceptional staff, proven methodologies and wireless service offerings all come together to ignite the spark that lights your way to the future.

Born of Wireless DNA.

Founded in 1998, based in San Diego, California, inCode is made up of industry veterans and technology pioneers - remarkable people of the highest caliber: Leading economists and strategists. Conscientious executives. Skilled technologists. People who see how the wireless world is, understand where it is going, and know how to get there first.

inCode's Wireless Technology Lab is unique in the consulting field: It shines a light into the future, providing you with hands-on access to tomorrow's technology. It's an objective way you can explore end-to-end solutions prior to making major capital investments - you can literally roll up your sleeves and put theories into practice and study the results without using your network resources.

Our Proven Methodologies provide the framework to plan, design, implement and optimize customized solutions to your wireless challenges: Whether you need a fresh perspective or an unbiased third party opinion, inCode provides the vital knowledge that improves your performance.

At inCode, we're always thinking one step ahead. That's evident in our Wireless Service Offerings: Often before a new challenge hits the headlines, we already have a team of experts focused on creating a solution. Our people are at the leading edge, because it's all about bringing our world of knowledge to you - and taking you to the next level. Locally. Or globally.

What we do makes all the difference in your world. The inCode Way.