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In the world of venture capitalists, Sequoia Capital has exemplary vision. They can see potential in companies that are in their infancy.And have the ability to help promising companies become the dominant force in their field. They understand technology. And realize the reward for being first& and the best in a field. Sequoia Capital has the insight and acumen to recognize trends and provide the financial assets to stimulate growth and expand a company. Their track record is second to none as they have focused on companies in the communications, semiconductor and computer fields. Sequoia Capital also embraces companies that dare to be different, and believe that flaunting conventional wisdom can be a great thing if a company knows exactly what it wants and has a burning desire to achieve it - and that's the perfect description of inCode.

inOvate unites world-class leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to overcome roadblocks slowing wireless industry progress. inOvate creates, invests in and manages innovative wireless product and service companies that address the evolving needs of fixed and mobile operators and infrastructure suppliers worldwide - all working toward a common purpose; To advance the next generation of products and services for broadband wireless voice, video and data networks.

Focus Ventures provides expansion stage venture capital for leading software, communications, and semiconductor companies. We seek companies that have completed initial development of their product or service. These leading technology companies have demonstrated clear market acceptance and are seeking additional capital to expand their sales and marketing efforts or to execute strategic acquisitions.

In our fast-paced and dynamic IT environment, having the right partner at the right time is critical to the success of a rising technology company. Focus Ventures amplifies the success of our partners by addressing the unique needs of a company on the verge of exponential growth. Our concentration on leading expansion stage technology companies has allowed us to develop capabilities that are complementary to those of prominent early stage venture capital firms. By building upon a company´┐Żs solid foundation, we augment its value by leveraging our extensive network of industry professionals in the United States and in Asia to create strategic and prosperous business opportunities.