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NEW Service Offering: IMS/convergence Consulting Services

In today’s communications market place, the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture, which has the ability to support convergence, has received significant attention as a potential silver bullet to bring a variety of new wireless applications and services to market. While the high expectations for IMS can be theoretically implemented, inCode believes that the shift to IMS will not be as easy or quick as many have predicted. inCode has extensive expertise and experience in solving critical IMS issues for clients.

IMS integrates call control and service provision in a single architecture that meets industry IP standards. Built largely on widely accepted IP and telecommunications building blocks, it is not a technology breakthrough. However, IMS enables a variety of operators to use a common IP foundation to deliver traditional and multimedia services on any access channel and many types of devices.

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inCode�s RFID Consulting Services
NEW Service Offering RFID Assessment and Adoption Roadmap!

RFID Can Solve Business Problems – Understanding how RFID can benefit your business can be confusing for many business people to consider. But in truth, it is a simple, proven technology that can transform problem areas within your operations, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, all while providing important information at your fingertips to help you make the best business decisions for your company.

RFID Impact on Supply Chain – The current buzz in the press is about how RFID and its scan-free operations can transform the supply chain, as we know it today. This may be true, but each company must develop their own RFID strategy and business cases to determine the real benefits for your organization. To obtain a major impact on your business with RFID, detailed analysis, planning, and testing must occur, and this will not happen overnight. If faced with compliance measures, you may have to decide whether to proceed quickly to meet your customers’ mandates, or preferably, look for the longer-term benefits internally, and properly plan your RFID implementation.

Educational RFID Seminar - Whether you are faced with mandates from one of your customers, or feel pressure from others in your industry to begin using RFID technology, inCode can provide the expertise and industry knowledge to educate your employees on how and where to use RFID in your industry. InCode offers educational seminars ranging from 3 hours to 5 days, providing in-depth technical information and critical brainstorming sessions with business owners to determine the best fit RFID solution for your company and your customers.

Getting Started the Right Way As with most new technologies, many companies do not have the internal expertise and knowledge in RFID to start running out of the gate, and time may be a critical factor. Forging ahead could turn out to be dangerous and costly without having developed detailed plans and a roadmap that logically spells out your path to RFID implementation. It will take some time to identify and train individuals to take on this responsibility internally. InCode can provide strategy and guidance, while defining an adoption roadmap for your company to follow when implementing RFID.

InCode’s Expertise – inCode has a team of experts – industry veterans and technology pioneers, who are experienced in a variety of real RFID project implementations, such as transportation container security, retail case and pallet tracking, and asset management. We look forward to minimizing the financial and technical risks for you when implementing RFID solutions throughout your organization.

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inReachSM - In-Building Wireless (IBW)
NEW - Wireless Service Offering!

The Next Wireless Frontier - Rising customer expectations of ubiquitous coverage and network quality, the emergence of WiFi / 2.5G connectivity devices and the need to push wireless data products is drawing the attention of wireless carriers to In-Building Wireless (IBW) systems, especially for business customers. The focus today is on private and public buildings including airports, convention centers, office buildings and corporate campuses. However, return on investment (ROI) considerations and multiple technical solutions available require a strategic and proactive approach.

inCode As Your Partner - Every wireless carrier has a different approach to IBW systems today. That's why inCode custom tailors our inReachSM solution to maximize your ROI and minimize your risk. inCode�s philosophy of bringing together business and technology meets the challenge of allocating scarce capital resources while developing a proactive strategy for IBW investments, no matter what your current IBW strategy.

What Does That Mean For You? - We will work with you to ensure each IBW investment makes sense, both from a fiscal and a network point-of-view prior to making the commitment. By doing so, we minimize the financial and technical risks for you while maximizing customer satisfaction and network usage.

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