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InCode: The Best Approach

Always Thinking One Step Ahead, Providing High-Impact, High-Performance Solutions That Never Stop Working For You.

Before you can provide solutions, you have to understand the challenges. That's why inCode constantly tracks how the wireless industry and marketplace are changing:

  • Subscriber growth is slowing - Where are tomorrow's customers going to come from? And what will be the acquisition cost?
  • Service pricing is no longer a compelling acquisition lever - How do you compel someone to sign-up with your service? Then, how do you keep them?
  • Financial performance is a major issue - How do you justify spending to migrate to future technology paths?
  • Licensing and network upgrade costs are a real factor of 3G - Where will funding come from?
  • Data and voice services are converging - Even as that is taking place, how do you face the existing challenges and difficulties that remain with upgrading, overlaying and operating networks?

All this provides a need for improved results. It requires a fresh perspective and the unbiased third party option that you get from inCode's consultants.

inCode takes a holistic view of your operation that encompasses technology, finance, business, marketing, sales and distribution, deployment and maintenance. That allows us to quickly identify today's problems& while anticipating tomorrow's challenges. Then, we can show you why your next move is vital and precisely when to make the move. Because it's all about making the right move at the right time.

The inCode Way. The Best Approach.

It's all about bringing our world of knowledge to you - and taking you to the next level:

Forward Thinking: Our Wireless Technology Lab is a real world laboratory that replicates a carrier's environment, providing hands-on access to tomorrow's technology, as well as an objective way to explore end-to-end solutions prior to making major capital investments.

Smart People: inCode is made up of remarkable people: Leading economists. Conscientious executives. Skilled technologists. Each one rich in experience. Diverse in thinking. With exemplary credentials. Our inCode consultants are vital to our clients, and vital to the industry.

Proven Processes: inCode's value-added methodologies allow us to uncover and resolve challenges quickly and effectively. It's the framework we use to plan, design, implement and optimize customized solutions to your wireless challenges.

Vital Expertise: At inCode, we're always thinking one step ahead. That's evident in our Wireless Service Offerings: Often before a new challenge hits the headlines, we already have a team of inCode experts focused on a solution.

At inCode, we're your trusted advisor, obsessively focused on your needs, ready to propel your business to new levels!