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inCode Maintains an International Perspective.

Incode's not bounded by borders. Working in conjunction with our business development partners - like SK Telecom and Nortel - we have formed strategic alliances that expand our reach to an international level.

This keeps inCode in touch with the latest trends, wherever they're taking place, because we are where you are. So no matter where the future takes your company, inCode will be by your side, ready to take you to the next level.

Nortel Networks is an industry leader and innovator focused on transforming how the world communicates and exchanges information. The company is supplying its service provider and enterprise customers with communications technology and infrastructure to enable value-added IP data, voice and multimedia services spanning Metro and Enterprise Networks, Wireless Networks and Optical Networks. As a global company, Nortel Networks does business in more than 150 countries. More information about Nortel Networks can be found on the Web at

The time line of SK Telecom serves as a landmark in the history of Korean information and communication. From the first generation of analogue cellular phone service to the second generation CDMA service, the company has always led the way to positive changes. In January 1996, SK Telecom successfully launched the world's first commercial CDMA cellular phone service. The technology and operating know-how realized through CDMA commercialization, is now advancing into 3rd generation multimedia mobile communications such as IMT-2000, and will soon become 4th and 5th generation mobile communications systems. As a leader in the mobile communication industry, SK Telecom is in the forefront clearing the path for the development of future technologies. More information about SK Telecom can be found on the Web at

Since 1992 Tangent International has established a very high profile in the Cellular Communications industry and become one of the UK's leading suppliers of Communications Engineering & Design skills on a global basis. Wherever new cellular or fixed line networks & services are being installed, either in major metropolitan regions or elsewhere in third world countries, Tangent will almost certainly be there providing the skills and supporting technology infrastructures to help open up and extend the fast growing world of digital communications. More information about SK Telecom can be found on the Web at