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inCode�s MMS Service Offerings - Making MMS the Ultimate Messaging for Carriers

With the first generation of MMS capable handsets being released into the market, and the network infrastructure needed to deliver MMS completing field trials, the race is on to find and deploy the business models that will deliver the maximum returns.

Due to MMS�s robust capabilities, there are more considerations because of the support for message formats beyond text, including audio, video and digital images. MMS�s major success factors are:

  • Infrastructure selection- ability to interoperate with multiple carriers, devices, and networks. Application transparency across all devices is critical.
  • Handset migration strategy - Making the MMS capable handsets to more Users and compatibility of messaging between Legacy and new MMS handsets are vital.
  • Creative new applications - applications that drive the usage of MMS and provide personalized service
  • Right business model- Establishing a sustainable business model that is realistic in light of your application considering all the factors and relationships
  • Market entry strategy- maximize market share and enter new market segments
  • Key partnerships- Work closely with innovative application providers and content developers.
  • Pricing & Billing- Pricing models need to account for the wide diversity of applications and business models that MMS will facilitate.

Carrier MMS Challenges

  • Messaging Architecture Evolution
    All types of messaging in common use today such as SMS, email, voicemail, etc... will eventually migrate to use MMS as the principal bearer for the delivery of messages. The major challenge for the carriers is to architect the messaging infrastructure to an MMS-centric framework that is open and flexible to adapt to a rapidly evolving market.
  • Migration/ Integration/ Interoperability
    Effectively catering to the legacy user base is a key to generating initial MMS traffic and stimulating the adoption of �true� MMS. Integration with existing �ad-hoc� messaging network architecture and suite of data applications & services is difficult. Inter-carrier interoperability with seamless roaming is also a major challenge.
  • Deployment
    It is critical to have an MMS solution that can roll out smoothly and be able to rapidly deploy services both from the carrier�s own portfolio and that of partners is crucial. Carriers face the usual deployment challenges associated with any new service, as well as some that are specific to MMS. A multi-vendor environment increases deployment complexity.
  • Application Validation
    Creative new application development that will drive MMS usage is highly desirable to the success of carrier�s MMS business. Application/ content strategy should be based on Location, Personalization, Presence, and Privacy. Carriers face additional challenges including Activation, Security, Application Development, and Content Adaptation.

inCode can help carriers with the MMS challenges and inCode�s MMS Service Offerings include all the aspects of MMS, covering the entire product life cycle. InCode�s Wireless Technology Lab with live CDMA 1X and GPRS networks, and multi-vendor MMS infrastructure is the ideal place to take the burden off the Carriers in the areas of Integration, Testing, Interoperability, and Application Validation.