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Operational Performance Assessment (OPA)

At inCode, Efficiency = Profitability

At inCode, we carefully study the critical factors that affect your company. We make sure your decisions are aligned with the overall strategy of the company. We understand the profound impact of timing - and how to make the right move at the right time. Here are the questions we help you answer regarding your operational performance:

  • How are you facing the competitive pressures of the wireless industry?
  • How does your OPEX stack up relative to the competition? Are you "best" in the breed? Where do you stand?
  • Are you getting the optimum return to your invested capital - CAPEX (ROIC)?
  • Are there parts of your business that could be outsourced?
  • Is your supply chain optimized?
  • Are your processes optimized?
  • Subscribers are expecting more from less - where are your MOU increases taking place? Are they driven by increases in penetration? Wireline substitution? Bulk evening/off-peak minutes? Or "all-you-can-eat" pricing?
  • Is your ARPU relatively flat? Or is it increasing or decreasing?
  • How's your quality of service? How has it changed as 3G gets fully deployed? How do your customers really feel?
  • Is Churn still an issue? Do you need to address your customer retention, loyalty and profitability?
  • Are your operational costs in line with realized revenue and earnings growth?

inCode Understands Evolution

Yesterday's solutions do not answer today's questions. That's why we help carriers look at metrics in a new way:

Subscriber Growth
Service Revenue Growth
Acquisition Costs
Retention Costs
Increased Minutes of Use
Improved Margin per Minute
Gross Additions
Good Additions
Network Expansion at Any Cost
Capital Efficiency
Nationwide Coverage
Realized Coverage
Positive Operating Cash Flows
Positive Free Cash Flows
Average Revenue Per User
Lifetime Value of Customer

How inCode's "Tools" Impact Your Challenges

We start by taking a holistic view of your operation. That gives us the insight and expertise that allows us to pinpoint your challenges and opportunities, so we can help you plan your next step - a step that creates measurable value for you.

  • It starts with a formal and informal knowledge transfer, consisting of open communication in which we share results and discover ways to make our clients heroes.
  • inCode employs our ProcessMap methodology to further identify and interview key members of the organization.
  • We gather data using a 5-layer approach: "Organizational Structure, Processes, Roles and Responsibilities, Execution and Ownership/Incentives".
  • New technology is evaluated so partial to full redundancy could be studied.
  • We compile lists of "issues", which are categorized and rated, and then we determine the key functional and systemic areas to address.
  • Each key area is then detailed and recommendations made.
  • A cost model is then built to treat and weight all the information.

At inCode, we realize that in this highly competitive market, carriers must perform better than their peers. Those firms that do not vastly improve their business operations may not survive.

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