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Operational Performance Assessment (OPA) for a Leading Wireless Carrier

We completed an evaluation and assessment for a major Service Provider to identify key areas in which they might gain operating efficiency and drive down costs.

" The client wanted to assess their operational performance and identify areas for weakness and associated root causes.
" After identifying areas of weakness and root causes, the client requested recommendations for improvements in performance and profitability to improve capital utilization and lower operational expense.
" Also, the client needed to know the implementation steps required in addressing the issues found.
" We interviewed key members of the client organization as well as the organizations they either received input from, or provided deliverables to.
" Data was gathered using a 5 layer approach Organizational Structure, Processes, Roles and Responsibilities, Execution and Ownership/ Incentives
" We compiled a list of issues that arose from the interview sessions, categorized and rated each issue, and determined the key functional and systemic areas to address.
" Each key area was then detailed and recommendations made.
" Client has a roadmap of quick hits, near term and mid term activities that will assist them in improving their capital utilization and lower operational expense.
" The client can see the high level impact of extraneous and redundant work on the team and overall expense budget.
" The client has the tools to work with their corporate staff to affect change within their region and ultimately throughout the national organization.