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802.11 Deployment Services

Provided strategic and technical assistance in the structuring of a WLAN deployment service for a large telecommunications carrier

" Enterprise customers were frequently coming to the client with requests for WLAN deployment services.
" The Client already had voice and data relationships with the customers and desired to expand and continue the deep relationships.
" Internally within the client, there were multiple groups attempting to structure various internal and external relationships.
" Internal delivery capabilities were not strong and a plan for supplementing and developing specific skill sets was needed.
" We provided market research on the WLAN market, both other players and the market opportunity across various market verticals.
" Structured a implementation plan to develop and further the delivery capabilities of the client.
" Assisted on sales and sales engineering calls to train the sales and engineering teams on what was required to both sell and define requirements for WLAN installations.
" Worked with the deployment teams on furthering technical skills in the realms of wireless network design, RF surveys, configuration of wireless network components, and security issues.
" The client has put in place internal sales and delivery teams to address the market demand.
" A sales funnel has been consolidated of WLAN opportunities and primes have been assigned to drive to completion.
" Multiple deployments and pilots are now active.
" Revenue targets for the first year of operations are aggressively being chased.
" Sales reps are reengaging lost or inactive customers with new market offerings.
" Technical resources are being trained in a cutting edge area.