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Telematics Solution for a Major Wireless Carrier

We helped our client develop an optimal telematics strategy after evaluating its current technology, competitors, customers and future trends in the industry.

" As some of its competitors had already captured telematics contracts from car manufacturers and service providers, our client was in danger of being excluded from a lucrative market. It needed to quickly develop a go-to market strategy in a new industry.
 Main issues
" Telematics applications.
" Market opportunities and entry.
" Technology issues.
" Competitors, customers and alliance partners.
" We shared our knowledge with the client, identified the major salient features of the industry and developed a telematics strategy for them.
" We discussed telematics applications, technologies and network requirements with the client.
" A comprehensive analysis was done to develop the optimal strategy for the client to enter the market.
" We evaluated several network architectures and go to market scenarios.
" The client developed a deep understanding of this new industry.
" They narrowed down the many technological and strategic alternatives to produce a go-to market strategy that balanced their short-term financial objectives and long-range strategic goals.
" The client is now uniquely positioned as a carrier to enter the telematics industry based on the wireless network expertise of the inCode/client team.