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Integration and Deployment of E911 Phase II

We are providing program management, technical definition / development, and integration services to nationwide carriers in the rollout of both network-based and handset based positioning technologies for E911 Phase II.

" The client required assistance with the integration of new nodes into their wireless network.
" New features were required to further streamline the operational aspects of supporting E911.
" Accuracy testing was required to demonstrate that the positioning technology could support FCC-stated requirements.
" The client required assistance in the rollout of E911 across its markets.
" Data requirements and sources were identified in an architectural white paper and then implemented in software.
" Our technical team is now working directly with the vendor on new feature / service enhancements.
" Our team provided third party accuracy testing including preparation, execution in the markets, and analysis / troubleshooting of results.
" Our program management team efficiently worked with markets in the rollout of E911.
" A scalable, fully operational solution now provides the link between network data across the network and the new E911nodes.
" New upgrades to the technology have increased positioning accuracy and reduced headcount for supporting E911.
" The client now has accuracy results, certified by a 3rd party, for several markets to provide to the FCC.
" The clients E911 solution is compliant with FCC-imposed deadlines and has not been fined.


E911 Solution for a Leading Wireless Carrier

We ranked the different solutions and developed vendor selection criteria. Our analysis identified the best techno-economic solution.

" Our client needed to implement an E911 solution in accordance with the FCC mandate.The client wanted a solution that would not only fulfill the mandate but also allow it to provide location based services monetize investments.
" The technology to be employed needed to be identified.
" All the vendor solutions applicable to the technology needed to be evaluated and ranked.
" Time to market, scalability and compatibility needed evaluation.
" Our approach to the problem was from a technology, project management and strategic perspective.
" We evaluated the components that would be impacted.
" We surveyed all the possible solutions and evaluated them based on our clients needs.
" We developed a ranking matrix that ranked the selected solutions. The ranking parameters were developed in consultation with our client.
" inCode recommended a vendor based on price, reliability, quality, and features.
" The client was able to identify the lowest cost solution.
" The selected solution fitted with the carriers current technology and migration plans.
" The selected vendor had the shortest time to market. This would help the client meet the FCC mandate.
" The client developed an effective LBS strategy.