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3G Migration Solution for a Leading Wireless Carrier

We analyzed all the issues to help our client make a 3G migration decision. We then translated this analysis into a crystal clear request for proposal.

" Due to limited spectrum availability, increasing user traffic, and finite network capacity, our client was forced to make a jump from one 3G-migration path to another.
" Analysis of all the variables and technical issues to decide the optimal 3G migration path. Some of the issues included technology, traffic and cost.
" Identification of equipment infrastructure for the 3G migration.
" Identify reusable infrastructure and develop a cost effective solution capital investment protection.
" A comprehensive requirements analysis based on the clients existing and proposed network was done. This formed the foundation of the Request for Proposal (RFP) that was sent to several infrastructure vendors.
" We evaluated several elements
" Radio access network.
" Packet switched core.
" Packet data network.
" Equipment/technology.
" Services.
" Network evolution.
" Program management.
" We provided the client with a holistic and strategic view of their network migration, and on the other hand, provided guidance on the most detailed and esoteric technical issues. The well-structured RFP has streamlined the RFP response evaluation process.
" The client was able to identify the most cost effective solution.
" The best infrastructure vendors were identified.This has helped our client refine their 3G strategy.
" The client is using these guidelines in its negotiations.