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Wireless Packet Applications Architecture
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inCode�s Wireless Packet Applications Architecture Service Offering

The Data Revolution is Coming! The business environment for wireless carriers is still very tough with weak sector fundamentals representing a potential threat to future carrier performance. Wireless carriers need a new "hook" to lure and retain subscribers while increasing ARPU. This new "hook" comes in the form of high-value data services. However, poorly planned data services architectures can lead to additional problems for the carriers such as infrastructure redundancy (multiple "gateway" functions, databases, etc.), service discontinuity (all services not available to all subscribers all the time), higher CAPEX and OPEX budgets, and ultimately, subscriber dissatisfaction.

Packet Applications Architecture Planning inCode�s Wireless Packet Applications Architecture service offering has been developed to provide support to carriers as they make the transition from providing traditional voice services to a full suite of Internet, application and m-commerce services. Issues concerning the Core Network infrastructure, Carrier�s Service Network, 3rd Party Applications Providers as well as Management Functions for all of the above are within the scope of this service offering. Some of the major objectives of the service offering include:

  • Business and Network Strategies - Review business and network strategy covering the next three to five years that identifies both key technology developments and the services they will enable. Identify the key implications of the business and network strategy on the client�s proposed service rollout plans including financial and technical analyses
  • Target Architecture Definition - Develop target service delivery and IT architectures based on the key business priorities, business and network strategy, and taking into account the integration required with the existing environments
  • Identify Gaps - Identify architecture, technology and/or process gaps and opportunities that need to be addressed
  • Technology & Vendor Selection - Identify potential vendor solutions and map these to the proposed Target Service Delivery and IT Architectures (vendors that fill the gaps identified above)
  • Implementation Plan - Assess the viability of implementation options, to select a preferred approach and develop a phased implementation plan, together with next steps. Move forward with Integration and Deployment activities.

inCode�s proven ability to deliver solid Business Strategies as well as highly reliable Technology Solutions will prove a valuable asset to a carrier�s �data transition� activities. Additionally, inCode�s Wireless Technology Lab with it�s live, fully operational GPRS, CDMA 1x, and WiFi networks provide an objective test bed for doing Vendor Evaluations as well as Integration, Interoperability and Application evaluation for carriers.