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RF Services: RF System Performance

We can help you with one or all of the following optimization services:

  • Develop standards and guidelines for site-integration and optimization and guidelines
  • Perform integration testing and handoff analysis
  • Collect performance data, post process, analyze and recommend changes
  • Analyze switch translation parameters and develop scripts to retrieve instantaneous network and call processing data
  • Implement interference-management and frequency-retuning plans
  • Implement congestion-relief schemes such as channel grooming, handoff optimization, and placement of additional radios/channel entities
  • Audit site parameters and report parameters that are not set to default values
  • Organize periodic performance benchmarking for network trending analysis
  • Generate network traffic trending analysis for subscriber growth
Our seasoned operations and performance-engineering team helps you tune your live network.

Performance Monitoring
As we monitor your key network-performance metrics against an ever-changing operational environment, we identify areas with substandard performance. Then we work to quickly recalibrate to optimal performance. You benefit from our proprietary Optimization Database to archive, track and report these necessary operational parameter changes.

Our Projects
inCode has placed thousands of sites in service over the years, and assisted numerous customers in operating a vast array of analog (AMPS), digital (IS-136, GSM, CDMA IS-95, iDEN), and broadband networks. A product of our extensive experience is inCode's proprietary performance tool, WirelessPro", that helps our customers achieve performance optimization.

One of inCodes core values is to focus on solutions, not problems. This mindset is the reason behind our success in solving our customer's performance-optimization challenges.