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RF Services: RF Network Engineering

A sample of the services that we provide bundled, or a la carte include:
  • Budgetary, Nominal and Final RF Network designs for new and overlay systems
  • Capacity planning, network expansion and special event planning
  • Development of RF design guidelines and field engineering M&Ps
  • RFP preparation and unbiased analysis of technical and financial terms of OEM vendor responses
  • BTS and MSC Equipment evaluation for Cellular, PCS, Fixed Wireless and 3G Broadband systems
  • Development of custom test M&Ps as required to help validate concepts of emerging technologies
  • RF link budget calculation and appropriate selection of propagation models and tools for your application
  • Data collection for propagation model tuning and regression analysis for calibration of model parameters
  • Interference studies and spectrum management activities
  • Market demographic studies and competitive intelligence reports
  • Frequency and PN offset planning and retuning
  • Antenna pattern analysis for optimal system performance
  • Network performance optimization, frequency retunes, operational parameters adjustments and channel additions
We stand above the crowd of RF Engineering service providers.

Outside-the-Box RF Solutions
inCode Engineering continues to serve customers with outside-the-box RF solutions. We invest major resources in understanding how the wireless world is changing and the impact on RF environments.

Our RF solutions have consistently provided our customers with a competitive advantage by increasing their efficiencies and lowering capital and operational costs. In addition, our team of highly qualified engineers and managers undergo a specific training program on inCode Quality Standards. This program has been key to our success in providing uniformity to all customers. When you choose inCode as your partner, you can count on having a lot more than just a team of qualified engineers - you have our companys management and technical support beside you.

Our Customers
The inCode team has provided an array of RF Engineering services to an extensive list of domestic and international cellular and PCS carriers, equipment vendors, digital broadband and wireless data providers. We have developed a complete understanding of how 2.5G and 3G technologies impact the design process.

One of inCode's core values is to understand our customer's needs and satisfy them. That's exactly why you will find us flexible and always willing to customize our proprietary tools and processes to efficiently meet your needs.