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RF Services: Benchmarking

inCode's Competitive Positioning Analysis provides the following information:

  • Coverage Comparison
  • Call Retention Rates (Dropped Call Rates)
  • Coverage Hole Identification
  • Market Demographics
  • Summary Reports
  • Detailed Plots of Problem Areas
  • Recorded Audio and Raw Data
How does your system measure up to your competition?

Market competition has led to a drive to improve call performance quality and reduce overall churn. Those carriers armed with valuable information such as market coverage and call performance on their competitors will be best positioned to meet the needs of their customers and distinguish themselves in a tight marketplace. inCode can provide information on market coverage, call performance and voice quality that strengthens your position as a quality wireless provider.

Market Coverage
Carrier coverage can be measured via traditional handsets or scanning receivers. While traditional handsets provide signal coverage information, they are restricted to reporting information from the neighbor list of the serving channel. Scanning receivers can provide a better indication of raw coverage, as every channel available to the operator is scanned and reported. inCode provides both sets of information.

Call Performance
Call performance is perhaps the best indication of how the end user perceives the quality of your network. Tasks such as the ability to place a call and hold a call are key areas that immediately impact the end users perception of the usefulness of his or her wireless service provider. inCode's benchmarking service gathers information such as call accessibility rate and call retention rate (dropped call rate) throughout your network and highlight areas that require improvement. A summary report also provides a ranking of how well you did against your competitors. With this information, the operator can gain valuable marketing and engineering data that ultimately better serve the end user.

Voice Quality
inCode's internally developed voice quality platform, VQUAL", not only measures the intelligibility of voice, but also records phrases which can be further analyzed for problems such as echo or cross talk.