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Fixed Network Engineering Advanced Network Engineering E911 Compliance Operations Support and Network Expansion

Network Services: Fixed Network Engineering

We leverage years of expert engineering and network optimization procedures to deliver a high quality wireless network. Our optimization services include:

  • Transport engineering design
  • Cost comparisons between leased line and microwave facilities
  • Capacity and network expansion planning
  • Determination of switch, hub and node locations and access arrangements
  • NXX block planning based on marketing projections and sales locations

Our facilities validation and optimization services include:

  • Development of Network Facility Maps
  • Strategic pricing analysis of switched and dedicated circuits
  • Use customized database to analyze Hub and Node locations, determining least-cost routing
  • Audit facilities at MSC, DACS and HUB locations
  • Comparative analysis of billing and actual facilities

Our field services and provisioning administration include:

  • Coordination and provisioning of Interconnect, Transport Facilities, and filing NXX applications
  • DACS configuration and maintenance: DS3, DS1, Type1, 2A, 2B, 2C trunks, SS7 data links and interoffice trunks
  • Provide cell site access, wiring and DS3/DS1 testing
  • inCode Field Engineers update provisioning with construction schedules, address changes and coordinate facility delivery with LEC personnel
Reduce operational expenses and identify network-facilities costs.

inCode provides a level of service that results in highly favorable customer reviews and subsequent opportunities to provide a range of engineering consulting services.

Network Services
In order to recommend the best transport strategy, our engineers analyze your business, technical and financial requirements. Additionally, our experience with the optimization process has allowed us to develop a proprietary Network Optimization Database that serves as a tracking tool for parameter changes and reporting.

Facilities Validation and Optimization Engineering
As you evaluate your facility performance, have you had time to evaluate facility cost? As one of your largest monthly recurring costs, it's also your biggest opportunity for savings. inCode engineers request competitive bids and make recommendations based on your network requirements.

Field Services and Provisioning Administration  
inCode's Field Support Integration Team tracks and provisions all wireline facilities and produces customized reports. Our database tool streamlines and automates provisioning. This tool aids in tracking multiple order and delivery dates from a variety of providers throughout dispersed geographic areas.