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Fixed Network Engineering Advanced Network Engineering E911 Compliance Operations Support and Network Expansion

Network Services: Operations Support and Network Expansion

We employ the following Critical Success factors:

  • Proper planning
  • Documentation forecasting
  • Analysis
  • Network usage reviews
  • Software feature analysis and upgrades

We use the following methodologies for capacity forecasting, planning and engineering:

  • Network documentation
  • Hardware and facilities tracking
  • Floor plan and rack layout
  • Determine facilities, transport entrance, layout and capacities
  • Current usage statistics and projections
  • Cost analysis
  • Forecast and planning documentation

inCode performs detailed evaluations for operation and network expansions.

Capacity Analysis/Planning
To maintain efficient operations and meet subscribers future demand, the wireless infrastructure may have to be expanded in capacity, coverage or both. We evaluate capacity and demand forecasting based on requirements such as subscriber usage growth, call pattern changes and new features.

inCode prepares capacity analysis and planning reports specifying the hardware needed to successfully complete the upgrade. Our interface impacted tracking module enables us to look at the total network topology, hierarchy and identify all required processors and platforms to accommodate expansion requirements. This provides greater efficiency in overall project planning, implementation and management with a simple objective - increased capacity.