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Engineering Services Group

Fixed Network Engineering Advanced Network Engineering E911 Compliance Operations Support and Network Expansion

Network Services: Advanced Network Engineering

Our Advanced Network Engineering services include:

  • Mobile Switching Center Operations and Operation Support Program

  • Management Detail project planning for installation,   implementation, integration and commercial service of switching and adjunct platforms

  • Adjunct Platform Integration and Implementation
    • Voicemail, SMS, NTC Prepaid and enhanced digital services, Wireless data (IWF), HLR

  • Network Engineering Services
    • Database engineering; translations, routing and digit-by-digit analysis
    • Transport and transmission engineering; signaling (SS7, IS41), traffic analysis
    • AIN base network implementation; origination/termination triggers; Data networks
    • ATM, routers, packet switches
    • Provide connectivity, network and cross-connect diagrams

  • Network Performance Analysis
    • Systems health check and growth analysis
    • Load line (linear regression analysis) for subsystem, interfaces and data networks

  • Development of Site and Network-Specific Integrated Test Plans, Procedures and Documentation
    • Evaluate IT, billing, CSC and NOC requirements to overall project plans

  • Network Planning
    • Project/capital planning; development of network expansion, new feature implementation

  • Power Systems
    • Preventive maintenance on batteries, rectifiers and cabling
Maximize your switching center investment and make sure your network expansion roadmap meets your business and technology needs.

inCode is here to help with complex engineering services that improve switching centers and adjunct platform integration. 

Engineering Services
While many network-switching solution providers can address switching and its associated scope of work, few provide a high level of service and customized offerings tailored to meet your needs.  inCode has extensive experience in the design, implementation, integration and operation of switching centers and the associated interfaces to voice and data networks.

Our skilled professionals work with you to complete your network requirements on time and on budget. Of course, that's the inCode way of doing business.