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Planning & Support: Business Planning

Highlights of the business planning process include:

  • Target Customer Analysis
  • Market Evaluation and Demographic Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Financial Modeling
  • Service Offerings
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • Vendor Analysis and RFP Construction
Do you have the best business plan for your target customers and economic environment?

The best operators have a solid engineering and financial plan. One cannot survive without the other. inCode offers business planning that takes into account deployment strategies that bring an operator to profitability through sound decisions.

Market Evaluation
inCode examines the demographic profile and market distribution to target high yield customers that can maximize revenue per user. Preliminary designs are developed to take advantage of existing facilities where available and minimize the cost of new builds.

Financial Planning
inCode examines the operating cost and capital expenditures structure to ensure a solid foundation for delivering service. In addition, diverse revenue streams are considered based on service offerings and penetration predictions over the long term.

Vendor Evaluation
Choosing the right partners is just as important as a sound engineering and financial plan. inCode has the ability to evaluate vendors based on services offered as well as competitive pricing. In this manner, the operator builds a relationship with a strategic partner that offers the best product with an interest in seeing the venture succeed.