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Planning & Support: Project Management

inCode analyzes your requirements and objectives to develop a Program Management plan that includes the following functional blocks:

Plans of Record
inCode works closely with you at all levels during the initial phases of the project to achieve and define:

  • A clear understanding of your objectives
  • Details of project-specific issues
  • A responsibility matrix clearly defining the roles of the various players on the project as well as review, handoff and crossover points

We fully understand the importance of communication. In fact, each of our staff member's compensation is tied in part to their ability to communicate effectively. inCode takes the following steps to provide effective communications:

  • Our Regional Project Managers meet on a monthly basis to share knowledge and lessons learned across regions
  • We provide weekly high-level status reports designed to keep you abreast of the development

Quality Assurance
With progress tracking tools, established standards and guidelines, Quality Assurance is easier to measure:

  • inCode deploys Regional Quality Inspectors who are skilled at performing quality audits. They work proactively by developing standarized checklists that your Managers can use to measure compliance with specifications, prior to the inspection stage
inCode has proven skills managing large-scale or multi-site wireless build-outs.

Program Management Strategies
Program Management is a critical factor in the success of any project. At inCode, we've developed Program Management expertise that provides seamless integration of multiple services such as Plan Design, Build, Operate/Maintain and Network Operations. inCode Engineering takes pride in providing TrueTurnkey Services.

We employ the following critical success factors:

  • No single service provider must dominate the wireless infrastructure build-out
  • inCode Standards that are modified and approved by the Customer must be adhered to rigorously

We have established inCode Standards for managing world class projects involving local, regional, national and international contractors with diverse labor force. Our Program Managers deliver projects on time, within budgets and in accordance with our customers' approved specifications.

inCode Standards
To provide TrueTurnkey Services, inCode Engineering has established internal standards, procedures and an Oracle based Intranet. Please contact us for more details.