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RF Services: Shared Site Interference

Our Shared Site Interference Analysis provides numerous benefits to both Tower Managers and Operators:

Tower Manager/Owner

  • Optimize tower capacity by calculating antenna spacing within one foot, opposed to the manufacturer's recommendation of 15-30 feet
  • Quickly assess the impact of a new operator on existing tenants
  • Generate more revenue through the optimum use of tower space
  • Collocate operators on previously unavailable premium radio sites


  • Prevent expensive loss of revenue due to radio interference at a site
  • Speed up the build-out process by proactively solving interference problems
  • Eliminate costly modifications after the antennas are installed
  • Provide existing carriers with analysis benefits when operators perform an analysis
Interference caused by improper antenna spacing can adversely affect system performance. Let inCode make sure there are no problems.

Our Experience
inCode has performed hundreds of Shared Site Interference Analyses for tower owners, major wireless carriers and operators. Were considered a leader in the field, and our focus is providing excellent customer service and quick turnaround times.

Using our proprietary software, inCode engineers simulate a detailed component structure of the base station/antenna system with the existing collocated tenant networks. We then provide a detailed report that includes pass/fail statistics based on the following collocation interference parameters:

  • Transmitter Noise
  • Receiver Desensitization
  • Transmitter Intermodulation
  • Harmonic Interference
  • Spurious Emissions
  • Receiver Intermodulation

Learn more about inCode's Shared Site Interference software and services:
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