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Outsourcing: RF Design

Our RF Design Engineering Outsourcing program includes:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to maintain and improve RF performance
  • In-scope fixed pricing to effectively manage budgetary constraints
  • In-market or remotely deployed resources to deal with the challenges of large and small markets
  • Resource scalability to meet peak activity periods and special projects
  • Fully employed engineers who are committed to the success of your organization
  • Design toolsets that yield progressive results.
The network design creates the foundation for optimal network performance.

Outsourcing From A Foundation Of Experience
inCode Engineering has provided outsourced RF design engineering and on demand engineering since 1995. Our engineers backgrounds in operating networks allow us to provide cost effective and practical solutions to outsourcing key engineering functions. In addition, inCodes large, diverse pool of resources provides a repository of talent to deal with complex issues surrounding maintaining or migrating an existing system, or building a new system.

Whether you are a large carrier requiring in-market engineering teams to manage day-to-day tasks or a small market carrier requiring on demand engineering, inCode can meet your needs with a proven, quality driven approach. Our experience in outsourced RF design engineering allows inCode to meet the clients needs while seamlessly integrating into your organization.

Outsourced RF Design
Our centralized RF design teams utilize industry leading design tools to plan new and emerging systems with quality in mind.

Our program provides the availability of dedicated project engineers who have access to evolving design processes for advanced networks. inCode also provides access to design tools that ease the expense investment.