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Outsourcing: Cell Site Maintenance

Our Cell Site Maintenance Outsourcing program includes:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to maintain minimal site outage
  • In-scope fixed pricing to effectively manage budgetary constraints or per call pricing targeting specific tasks
  • In-market or remotely deployed resources to deal with the challenges of large and small markets
  • Complete and accurate documentation on maintenance schedules and site changes
  • Firmware upgrade support and card change outs
  • Cell site commissioning for new site acceptance
  • Power and battery maintenance along with core BTS equipment maintenance
  • Test call verification and feature set testing
  • WirelessPro� call placement-testing platform
Who can you trust with the edge of your network?

Outsourcing To Protect Your Interface To The Customer
Our cell site technician personnel have maintained and improved networks throughout the US. We focus on maintaining power backup and transfer systems, transmission line equipment, antennas and backhaul equipment along with other supporting equipment sets. In addition, our resources as skilled at support new feature set integration through test calls and troubleshooting. Our current engagements with cell site maintenance outsourcing keep our personnel up to date on various vendor platforms and serve as a proven model for outsourcing.

Outsourced Cell Site Technician
Our cell site technician take pride in keeping sites at peak performance

Our program coordinates cell site technicians across large and small markets for general maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrades and special project support.