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Outsourcing: Core Network Engineering

Our Core Network Engineering Outsourcing program includes:

  • Scalable operations support to effectively manage special projects and budgetary constraints
  • In-market and remotely deployed resources to deal with the challenges of MSC and cell site maintenance and administration
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to maintain and improve operations performance
  • Fully employed engineers who are committed to the success of your organization
  • Transport and facilities engineering to enhance network utilization
  • Total network documentation and utilization of data base and the web to enable real time network statistics and usage access
  • Schedule maintenance of switch and cell site equipment based on vendor recommendation
  • Integration of operation to NOC for 24 hr coverage and seamless transition
We can help strengthen your network backbone.

Network Operations & Maintenance
inCode Core Network Engineering & Operations teams are experienced in providing operations and engineering support for switching, cell sites, adjunct platforms, software upgrades, and network expansion. Our engineers background in operations and engineering of cellular networks allow us to provide cost effective and practical solutions to outsourcing key operations, & engineering functions. In addition, inCodes large, diverse pool of resources provides superior talent to deal with transport engineering, material management, new switch build out, testing and acceptance, and documentation.

Outsourced Operations Operations
Administration and Maintenance of an existing system, including supporting network growth, expansion and build out.

Our operations and engineering teams will provide/develop processes and implement day-to-day operational tasks to meet quality standards outlined, system backups, feature roll out, billing audit and trouble ticket resolution.

For network expansion, inCode can meet your needs with a proven, quality driven approach. Our experience in MSC engineering, allows inCode to meet the clients needs in an efficient manner. Our program provides the availability of dedicated operations engineers and technicians who have implemented and maintained advanced networks.

Outsourced Cell Site Technician
Our cell site technicians have maintained and improved networks throughout the U.S.