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Wireless Industry Aims to Dampen Effect of Change (Boston Globe, comments by Martin Dunsby, VP Operations) (06/16/03)

ZigBee, UWB garner VC funding, but will they capture mindshare? (RCR, comments by Robert Sanchez, CTO) (06/09/03)

Without wires, with strings still attached - WI-FI - The spread of 'hotspot' web connections masks ... (Financial Times, comments by John Donovan, CEO) (06/04/03)

Is a Wi-Fi Bubble Building? As one of tech's few growth areas, it's luring startups and VC cash -- in a familiar pattern. First to feel a pop may be consumer outfits (BusinessWeek Online, comments by Martin Dunsby, VP Operations) (05/22/03)

Verizon To Make Wi-Fi Play (Forbes: comments by John Donovan, CEO) (05/12/03)

Wireless Wages Broadband, Portability Battles (Telephony Online: comments by Martin Dunsby, VP Operations) (05/12/03)

Verizon Plans Wireless Access Via Pay Phones (InfomationWeek: comments by Eric Carr, InCode Project Manager) (05/09/03)

Cellular Carriers under Siege Business Week interview explains that as rivals encroach, wireless providers may need to merge (BusinessWeek Online: comments by Martin Dunsby, VP Operations) (03/18/03)

Who/What/Wi-Fi: Pay phone may soon find a new life as wireless-fidelity ''hot spots.'' ( (03/18/03)

A Wi-Fi Payoff from Pay Phones? Business Week interview. CEO, John Donovan, explains how these relics can provide an ideal way for carriers to enter the market. (01/30/03)

John Donovan (inCode CEO) CNET interview - Payphones turn wireless. (01/16/03) - WAV

WiFi zones, payphones turn wireless, Internet voting, papal messaging.r (01/16/03)

Bell Canada to make pay phones hot spots. (01/15/03)

inCode, Bell Canada offer wireless Web at payphones. (01/14/03)

Telespree Completes Seamless Integration of Intelligent Activation and Acquisition Solution Over CDMA2000 1X Network (12/02/02)

3G and Wi-Fi: Will they Ever Get Together? By Adam Stone - Contributions by Martin Dunsby, (VP Operations) (11/14/02)

"Sprint PCS' aggressive next-generation data pricing plan is made possible by its device-driven strategy and an innovative mediation software." By Sue Marek, Wireless Week.Comments from Martin Dunsby, (VP Operations). (11/04/02)

CDMA Carriers Could Benefit From Swapping Engineers. By Sue Marek, Wireless Week. (11/04/02)

SK Telecom, inCode to Swap Engineers (10/28/02)

U.S. Wireless Feeling Squeezed. (10/21/02)

Japan Loves Wireless (10/15/02)

Wall Street Journal interview with Martin Dunsby (inCode VP Operations). (10/15/02)

UCSD Extension's Information Technologies & Engineering Department and inCode Telecom Form Academic Alliance (09/16/02)

e911: The Good and the Bad (09/11/02)

Mobile Emergency: The Other 911 (09/11/02)

The Location-based Future: Pipe Dream or Reality, by Dr. Michael Chu - Manager (Sept./Oct. 2002)

Project Rainbow Should Bypass Retail Channels for Carrier Connection (08/26/02)

Cable Provider Wages War Against Wi-Fi Freeloaders (07/15/02)

Where is the value in the WLAN value chain? (07/10/02)

Wireless Data: Today's Throughput Realities - Tomorrow's Solutions, by Robert Sanchez - CTO (July/Aug. 2002)

Future Wireless: Life After 50, by Eric Carr (05/02)

TMNG And inCode Announce Official Opening Of The First Independent Wireless Technology Lab (04/10/02)

TMNG and inCode Give Preview of Wireless Lab at CTIA (03/18/02)

SMS Solutions are Many, but Will They Eventually Work Together? (Feb. 2002)

inCode and TMNG Unveil Independent Wireless Technology Laboratory at CTIA (booth 4552) (Feb. 2002)

TMNG and inCode Announce the Formation of the First Independent Wireless Laboratory (10/31/01)

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